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LPN Bridge Programs

LPN Bridge Programs

At, we strongly state and believe that the LPN or Licensed practical nurse, is an invaluable and clear asset to all healthcare environments across the country. The quality care of an LPN can be felt in hospitals, healthcare facilities and many other offices that treat people medically. Being a LPN or practical nurse is a constant changing, challenging but extremely rewarding career.

The bridge program exists to make the process of growing your career with advanced training and education possible! If helping patients is what you enjoy, using your training, knowledge and caring touch may lead you to want to advance your career and your nursing education. Furthering your career starts with your education. It allows for faster career advancement and career changing responsibilities.

Are LPN Bridge Programs for you?

In the case of an LPN, the next logical step in the career path is to become a (RN) or Registered Nurse. Becoming an (RN) Registered Nurse is a big change that allows you to treat people with more freedom and trust due to your education and training level. There are so many different available specialties that can be achieved and earned. From gerontology nursing to a neonatal nurse, pick one and go all in for it!

Since picking a direction can be daunting and difficult, you can also read about becoming an LPN here with our guides below that cover the various LPN Bridge Programs that are available. Take the time to discover the different advantages, and disadvantages that may apply for you. We cover licensing demands for all levels of bridge programs that involve either an LPN or becoming an LPN.

Where can I get Information for all Types of LPN Bridge Programs?

Click on one of the bridge program types below. We have school listings and current salary data waiting for you!!

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