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CNA to LPN Programs

If you are currently working as a (CNA) certified nursing assistant, has access to CNA to LPN programs that can pave the way to a better and higher paying career in allied health! Bridge programs like CNA to LPN bridge programs have many benefits for your career.

We will cover them below in detail. What is also good, is that CNA to LPN classes online will save you money by allowing you to skip some of the courses you took during your nursing assistant classes.

Why CNA to LPN Programs?

Being an LPN is as important as being a CNA, but as a practical nurse you command much higher pay and you practice patient point of care differently. You have more control of the situation and more responsibility. Online CNA to LPN programs or CNA to LPN classes can get you to your goal fast with relative ease, all while you continue to work as a certified nursing assistant. You will not have to reduce your hours of work while taking these courses. Actually, online bridge programs allow you to move from a CNA to LPN in about 9 months to 1 year.

This can save you at least 2 semesters of tuition or 1 year of your schooling if you were trying to become a LPN from scratch. Being a CNA actually helps you after completing your CNA to LPN courses because you have the work experience that is so hard to find when starting from the beginning. But you aren’t!

The Top Advantages of CNA to LPN Bridge Programs

CNA to LPN ClassesMost bridge programs are online for your convenience and respect for your current employment. If you have never taken any form of an online class you are going to be shocked as to how much easier it is than you thought. You can do so many things like have the ability to plan your schedule accordingly.

There will be set homework and tasks you must complete just as you would in any other certification program, but there is no traveling to class, the online classroom is always open. This way, you can log onto your online school account and complete your coursework on your time. Your time-frame for studying is under your control.

“I am a Nursing Assistant, Why Become a Practical/Vocational Nurse?”

There are plenty of reasons why CNA to LPN programs are a good idea for your future. We list some of the advantages below:

Increased Pay

Earn a Higher Salary as a LPN Than as a CNA

StateAverage Yearly CNA Salary% IncreaseAverage Yearly LPN Salary
Alabama$21,710 59.00%$34,520
Alaska$34,990 50.00%$52,480
Arizona$27,660 81.80%$50,290
Arkansas$21,000 68.10%$35,300
California$29,400 74.00%$51,170
Colorado$27,580 62.30%$44,750
Connecticut$31,660 69.20%$53,560
Delaware$27,250 73.80%$47,350
DC$30,300 68.30%$50,980
Florida$24,080 70.50%$41,050
Georgia$21,780 70.10%$37,040
Hawaii$30,040 50.00%$45,070
Idaho$22,730 69.20%$38,470
Illinois$24,570 73.70%$42,680
Indiana$23,120 71.80%$39,720
Iowa$25,270 48.00%$37,410
Kansas$23,030 64.10%$37,790
Kentucky$22,870 64.20%$37,550
Louisiana$20,730 82.40%$37,820
Maine$24,300 65.90%$40,310
Maryland$28,810 73.20%$49,900
Massachusetts$29,610 75.80%$52,060
Michigan$25,750 65.40%$42,600
Minnesota$27,220 49.20%$40,620
Mississippi$20,220 74.20%$35,230
Missouri$22,260 69.00%$37,630
Montana$24,470 53.60%$37,580
Nebraska$24,180 56.50%$37,840
Nevada$31,270 69.00%$52,850
New Hampshire$28,670 61.00%$46,150
New Jersey$27,430 87.20%$51,350
New Mexico$26,210 79.30%$46,990
New York$31,840 39.00%$44,250
North Carolina$22,510 84.40%$41,510
North Dakota$27,530 37.70%$37,900
Ohio$24,210 67.10%$40,460
Oklahoma$21,280 72.90%$36,800
Oregon$26,400 79.40%$47,360
Pennsylvania$27,290 55.30%$42,390
Rhode Island$28,590 78.80%$51,120
South Carolina$21,710 79.90%$39,050
South Dakota$22,900 49.70%$34,270
Tennessee$22,600 60.20%$36,200
Texas$23,150 86.30%$43,120
Utah$23,000 71.20%$39,380
Vermont$26,020 62.90%$42,390
Virginia$24,010 65.10%$39,640
Washington$28,710 64.20%$47,140
West Virginia$21,790 54.50%$33,660
Wisconsin$25,740 64.50%$42,350
Wyoming$27,840 49.90%$41,740
A licensed practical/vocational nurse makes much more money than a CNA does in every state. There are more jobs available for LPNs than with CNAs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (, states that the median pay is $19.97/hour and $41,540/year for Practical/Vocational Nurses.

More Growth

Projected Growth for LPNs Compared to CNAs

There were over 730,000 licensed practical or licensed vocational nurses working the United States last year. That will grow at 25%, or more than 182,000 additional jobs, which is much faster than the current job market is creating jobs within the healthcare field, especially allied health.
Source – and O*Net OnLine

More Opportunities

Find More Opportunities Beyond a CNA

As an licensed practical nurse, the ability to become an RN, BSN, MSN, ADN or a Nurse Practitioner (PN) is right in front of you!. All of the mentioned careers have extensive successful bridge programs that become ladder programs that help you learn and acquire the education, skills and training for these jobs. And these jobs command even higher pay. Don’t be afraid to make more money with an LPN salary!

Subjects and Internships

CNA to LPN Subjects and Internships

In your CNA to LPN courses you will cover courses in subjects like theories and concepts of nursing, ethics and disease protocol.

Finding an internship has always been difficult. Luckily nowadays, many online LPN schools, which includes their online CNA to LPN schools, have longstanding working agreements with local healthcare facilities for internships. This is a great tool for you. Also you can talk to your current CNA employer about what they can offer. You will be surprised what doors may open. The job description has some crossover too and that will also help you immensely!

CNAs who want to earn more money and even get more responsibility, CNA to LPN programs are for you! Good luck on your search and your career ahead! Feel free to see our other resources, state by state licensing info and in depth bridge program info for all types of levels an LPN can achieve.


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