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LPN to BSN Programs

We at know whether LPN to BSN programs are worth it to Licensed Practical Nurses. Why not just become a (RN) Registered Nurse?

Well, it is a simple answer to a complex question. More money, better jobs, more responsibility and higher potential to just name a few advantages to taking LPN to BSN courses. The future s bright for all levels of nursing according to the latest data from and onetonline. They predict large growth that is well above the national average at 19% growth!

How do You know if LPN to BSN Programs are for You?

If you want to earn more money and garner more responsibility, than a LPN to BSN bridge program is perfect for you! Below we will discuss why an LPN to BSN degree program would be a great choice for you in your career.

The Top Reasons to Become a BSN

  • Higher Salary
  • Advanced Training
  • Added Responsibility
  • Increased Knowledge Base
  • Become Eligible for More Supervisory Roles

Are There Online LPN to BSN Programs?

Online LPN to BSN ProgramsOf Course!! Most bridge programs nowadays are all online due to the nature of the job itself being long hours and the need to allow you to work as an LPN while taking online courses to become a BSN. Also, online education technology has changed a ton for the better! Internet learning is at an all time high in popularity and necessity. These bridge programs are both!

Online courses have many advantages like, saving money, personal time, travel time and money and you can work at your own pace. Online programs for LPN to BSN bridge programs allow you to be in control. Study when it is best for you. If you have kids and work full time as an LPN, you can still do this!! There are 24 hours in each day and you will learn to use them all efficiently if you take online LPN to BSN programs!!

Find Accredited Online LPN to BSN Programs

Below we list all 391 Accredited LPN to BSN Online Programs.
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Accredited LPN to BSN School Near You

LPN to BSN Salary

Nursing Employer TypeAverage Salary per
Home Care Services$62,090
Residential Care Facilities$58,830
Physicians and Doctor's Offices$58,420

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