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Free NCLEX-PN Practice Test

Get prepared on the go at anytime with our free NCLEX-PN practice test. Get scored with real life scenarios that actually happen on the job. Good luck from!

Free NCLEX-PN Practice Test From!

Welcome to your NCLEX Practice Test

When you are educating or teaching a pregnant client about their home safety during pregnancy, which of the following information is appropriate for the teaching plan?

1 out of 10

You are preparing to teach a patient about the effects of (INH) Isoniazid. Which information is imperative for the patient to completely understand?

2 out of 10

While undergoing hemodialysis, your patient suddenly becomes restless and tells you that he has a headache and feels extremely nauseous. Which of the following complications would you suspect is wrong with the patient?

3 out of 10

When assessing a patient that has glaucoma, which of the following findings would you expect?

4 out of 10

You are caring for a patient who will be undergoing a surgical repair of a detached retina very soon. Which of the following is the most likely pre-operative diagnosis for this patient?

5 out of 10

A one month old infant in the neonatal intensive care unit is sadly and unfortunately dying. The parents sadly request that the nurse administer an opioid analgesic to their infant, who is crying softly and weakly. The infant's heart rate is 68 bpm and the respiratory rate is 18 bpm. The infant is on room air with oxygen saturation levels at 92%. Which of the following principles should the nurse's response be?

6 out of 10

A patient recently had a Cesarean delivery and is now in postpartum day 1. She promptly asks you for any pain medication as soon as you walk in to the room to do your shift assessment. The patient clearly states that her pain level is at an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. What should be your priority of care?

7 out of 10

You are caring for a patient with a history of advanced (COPD) or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The patient also recently had conventional gallbladder surgery. Which intervention has top priority for the prevention of respiratory complications for the patient?

8 out of 10

A young patient had a C5 spinal cord contusion that sadly has resulted in quadriplegia. Two days later, you happen to see his mother in the waiting room crying. The mother then asks you while crying whether or not her son will ever play sports again. Which of the following is the best initial response for this extremely difficult situation?

9 out of 10

You are caring for a patient following an appendectomy. The patient is reporting nausea and is complaining of pain in a surgical site at a 6 on a 0 to 10 scale. The patient's employer is present in the room and says to you that he is paying for the insurance and asks nicely to know what pain medication has been prescribed. Which of the following is the appropriate response?

10 out of 10

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