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LPN Job Description

LPN Job DescriptionThe role of a practical or vocational nurse is constantly changing but there are core duties within the LPN job description that are always present. These tasks are vital to the health of all patients and of all healthcare facilities that employ LPNs.

We cannot stress enough at that your LPN training will get you prepared to handle all of these tasks and duties so do not be intimidated by them. Below we will show you what those tasks are.

What is the Standard LPN Job Description?

It is important to remember that the common or standard practical/vocational nurse job description can vary from employer to employer or by just where you work. Be it a nursing home or rehab center, your tasks can be common and job specific. We will cover them all!

In most cases, the LPN/LVN will usually be the first medical professional to work with a patient. This interaction is vital for the patient and the healthcare facility.

Common Tasks to all LPN/LVNs

The Most Common Parts of the Practical Nurse Job Description

  • Giving patient medication as prescribed by doctor or physician
  • Take patient vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, and weight)
  • Provide basic wound care (cleaning and bandaging)
  • Handle injections of medication
  • Immunizations and Reports
  • Record and cover medical histories
  • Enter necessary data and information into files
  • Job Specific Tasks

    Job Specific Duties in the LPN Job Description

    Depending on where you work as a LPN/LVN, you will have certain tasks that are specific to that job. Below we list some of those duties:

  • Moving patients when necessary (eating/restroom/treatment)
  • Overseeing patient food and fluid intake/output
  • Supervising Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)
  • Communicating with families so they understand release instructions
  • IV Management
  • Nursing Homes and Rehab Centers

    LPN Duties Within Nursing Homes and Rehab Centers

    Practical/Vocational nurses often work in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. These atmospheres have specific tasks and duties that come with them. We list them below:

  • Monitor patient reactions to medications
  • Monitor and record patients’ mental health
  • Provide basic emotional support
  • Help patients with individual bathing and dressing
  • Checking for bed sores
  • Offices and Clinics

    LPN Tasks in Offices and Clinics

    LPNs that are employed in medical offices and clinics which adds a layer of duties that include paperwork and information management. These tasks are listed below:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Maintaining patient medical records
  • Patient billing
  • Communicate with insurance companies on behalf of office
  • Write prescriptions at the request of the doctor or physician
  • LPN Job Description Resources

    The LPN/LVN is a major cog in the healthcare wheel! You will be in the middle of everything in the office or medical facility. The LPN job description is vast and shows the versatility of the position as a whole.

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