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LPN CEU'sAs a working LPN, you must be aware that you do have a responsibility of maintaining CEU’s to maintain your LPN licensure.

The term CEU is an acronym for Continuing Education Units. Many states require you to complete specific courses along with have a certain amount of CEU’s. At, the career success of all practical and vocational nurses is our mission.

It is important to always read the fine print when you take CEU courses. Check your state board for information about CEU’s in your state.

Where to Locate CEU's

Where can you Find CEU’s for LPNs?

There are many facilities and hospitals that offer training classes and programs to their employees and licensed practical/vocational nurses that you can use towards your CEU total for the state requirement. You can also even earn CEU’s while working at a clinic or other healthcare facility.

It’s a great option for earning credits and helps eliminate the last minute scrambling that is so common with continuing education.


More LPN Continuing Education Tips

Earning your CEU’s in one place can be beneficial. If you are ever happen to get audited, you will appreciate this if you do.

Online CEU's

Are There Online CEU Courses for LPNs?

Yes there are! You can find them and take them in one place at places like Allegra Learning Solutions.


What Happens if I Don’t Complete my CEU’s?

If you do not meet the required amount of CEU’s on time or ever, you may face consequences from your state board. If the state board selects you to be audited you open yourself to disciplinary action from the state board. Simply put, it is not worth it to avoid them.

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