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LPN Jobs

LPN JobsYou have received your LPN training certificate or diploma, passed the NCLEX-PN examination and now it is time to look at LPN Jobs. At we want to help you in that process by giving you a starting point and information about the future of practical nursing jobs.

LPN Job Outlook

What is the Current and Future Outlook of LPN Jobs?

According to the latest data from the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (, LPN employment is looking at a potential growth of 25% between the years 2012-2022. This is considered faster than the national average for other occupations in the nation.

As of 2012, there were more than 738,400 working practical nurses. See all the LPN job and employment projections below:

Minimum Education Post-secondary Certificate/License
Avg. Yearly $41,540
Avg. Per Hr. $19.97
2022 Increase in Demand 25%
2022 # of Jobs Added 182,900
2012 # of Jobs 738,400

Growth Factors

LPN Job Growth Factors

One big factor for the growth of LPN jobs is the fact that the overall aging of people from the “Baby Boomer” generation. The demand for healthcare will be real strong due to the age and number of people who will need care. This is good for the careers as practical/vocational nurses across the nation!

Also, Americans as a whole are not very healthy. This statement is supported by the increasing numbers of people who diagnosed with diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic conditions. This reinforces the need and demand for qualified LPN/LVNs!

Where you can Work

Where are the Most Common LPN Jobs?

The most common places that employ practical/vocational nurses are listed below:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Home
  • Home Care
  • Medical Office or Urgent Care Clinic
  • LPN/LVN Job Fields

    LPN Fields of Practice

    Practical/Vocational nursing jobs can be in many places and in many fields of practice. Each one is unique and comes with their own specific tasks and duties. Below we have listed the most common fields of practice that do employ LPN/LVNs regularly.

  • Pediatrics
  • Neuro ICU
  • Cardiac ICU
  • Emergency Room
  • Rehabilitation Nurse
  • Burn Unit
  • LPN/LVN Job Resources

    Some of the best ways to make yourself more hire-able for practical nursing jobs is to increase your skill level. Below we have resources and bridge program information that can help you immensely.

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