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How to Craft the Perfect LPN Resume

Licensed Practical Nurse ResumeA subject often forgotten until the last moment is the crafting of your LPN resume. We take that seriously at You resume is important for what it can do to hurt you as much as it can help you.

If your resume lacks anything that can be noticed before it is even read, your practical nursing resume is placed at the bottom if not trashed. We will show you how to safeguard your resume from that action by showing what has to be done on your resume. We even provide a sample resume to show you.

What a Licensed Practical Nurse Resume is for

Your resume is a brief and concise document that summarizes your previous education, previous employment history, and any experiences that may be of a relevant nature to the position you are seeking. In other words, your LPN resume is basically just putting yourself and your history on paper.

Resumes are in most instances required to be submitted along with job applications. They serve two different functions for employers and both must be filled out accurately and in no lesser terms, they must be perfect.

Sample LPN Resume

Sample LPN Resume

Below is a sample of a resume that if filled out as outlined, would be perfect for a basic starting resume.

LPN Resume

What Goes on Your Resume

What to put in Your Practical Nursing Resume

Below are things that must be in your LPN resume:

  • Contact Information (Phone #, address, email, etc.)
  • Your Objective as an LPN (What Your Goals are)
  • Your Education Credentials
  • Work Experience
  • Relevant Awards Received (Honors, Awards, Scholarships)
  • Languages Spoken (Spanish is Huge)
  • Volunteering Efforts (Means a lot in the Healthcare World and Speaks to Nursing Character)
  • Professional Memberships or Accreditations
  • Crafting Your Resume

    How to Craft Your Resume

    If we have learned anything from our research in to resume building it is clear that a few things stand out. They are listed below:

  • Be Accurate
  • Be Honest
  • Be Concise
  • Use Your Work Experience to Your Advantage (Read Previous Job Descriptions)
  • Sell Yourself as a Hot Commodity!!
  • Use Consistent Margins
  • Use 11 or 12 Size Font and Make Sure Font is Readable
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